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Specializing in providing Habilitative Therapy Services 

 Our experienced Therapists strive to provide the best care possible for you child. We tailor our treatment plans to meet the specific needs of your child while keeping in mind the long-term goals of our clients. It is important not only to treat for the present moment, but to take into account the patient's past experiences and look ahead to future needs to ensure we are following a plan of care that will yield optimal outcomes.
We will adapt and support your child's needs with:

- Skilled handling

- Equipment Assessment and monitoring (DME)

- Feeding and swallow 

- Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

- A dynamic, fun filled environment

 Strengths Based Treatment  Approach

We make the effort to connect with your child and to learn their strengths and the kinds of activities that motivate them.
Each treatment session builds upon your child's strengths, expanding their access to the world around them. 
Each child is given as much therapeutic guidance as needed while empowering them toward autonomy
By building upon your child's strengths, we help them feel empowered, more confident, and optimize active participation.

Focus on Maximizing Functional Independence

Parents, child, and clinicians will collaborate to develop goals that are functional and meaningful to you. 

I will assess your child's current level of participation in the chosen functional task and identify what your child can do within the task and what we need to work on to improve active participation. 

Therapeutic interventions are tailored toward improving identified areas of limitation while your child is actively participating in a variety of activities. 

Throughout the treatment session, we will revisit the chosen functional task several times to ensure ample practice of the target skill. 


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