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Help us create a world where children with complex motor limitations feel empowered, understood, and supported


We believe that each child deserves the support they need to help them maximize their ability to participate in all aspects of their life.  Children learn through play and exploration, yet children with complex motor limitations have limited opportunities for exploration of rich environments to maximize their development. 

We also believe that clinicians deserve to work in a supportive environments that will help them grow as professionals and  allow them to practice with creativity and joy. 

We are looking for people who are passionate about supporting the children and families we serve through a collaborative, approach, in an open environment that encourages interactions between patients, their families, and clinicians as we provide innovative and dynamic functional based treatments to tap into and enhance each child’s true potential.


If you are looking for a place to fulfill your passion for serving this unique population while growing as a professional , please send  your resume to

Competitive Compensation packages with benefits including:

  1. Continuing education benefit - up to $1000/2yrs for full time employee; up to $500/yr for part time employees with at least $30hr/wk

  2. Paid time off - accrued at 0.077hrs/hr worked for full time employees working 36-40hrs/wk

  3. Begins accruing on day 1 but unavailable for use until a 90 day probationary period is completed.

  4. Group Health Insurance - Functional Foundations 50% of full time employees premium.

  5. Retirement plan matching of up to 3% for employees working at least 30hr/wk


Physical therapist 


Occupational Therapist 


Speech and language pathologist


Mental health professional preferably with rehabilitation counseling  background

Vision Therapist


Front desk office assistant 

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