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Openings Available for PT's, OT's, and SLP's 

We are seeking motivated therapists who are dedicated to working with children with developmental disabilities; enjoy working in a creative and collaborative manner; are passionate lifelong learners who strive to seek knowledge to enhance their clinical skills, and who take a wholistic approach to treatment of children with special needs.  

We are acquiring a new space and plan to grow our team to meet the needs of our clientele. As we grow, we are developing a program that emphasizes a team approach to treatment of children with complex needs. The majority of our caseload require wrap around PT, OT, and SLP services. We are seeking providers who are interested in working in a team environment.  

We are seeking PTs who will work on addressing underlying system limitations that are limiting our clientele's functional mobility, motor planning, and ability to participate in functional tasks; OT's who are creative and dynamic and interested in teaching ADLs, addressing sensory needs, and interested in working on enhancing participation in functional tasks; and SLPs who are able to help our clientele discover alternative and augmentative communication skills , work with their team in a co-treat model to ensure communication skills are being used functionally, and help work on improving swallowing safety.



·       Interviewing children and family members/ Caregivers and using physical examinations to diagnose the source of children's functional limitations.

·       Creating unique, individualized treatment plans that outline the treatment goals and methods to be used.

·       Helping children to discover and build upon their functional abilities to improve their participation in everyday functional tasks

·       Assessing patients and monitoring their progress.

·       Educating family/caregivers regarding the child’s diagnosis, and taking their input into account when developing a treatment plan.

·       Providing family members/caregivers with ideas of how to modify activities to enhance participation in functional tasks. 

·       Coordinating a child's care with other healthcare professionals.

·       Providing expert consultations to schools, daycares, and other community-based organizations involved in the care of the child. 

·       Commitment to ongoing professional development. 


·       A Masters or Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology

·       Experience preferred (we are willing to mentor if you lack experience)

·       An Oregon state license to practice in their respective fields

·       The ability to handle stress and pressure.

·       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

·       Attention to detail, patience, and empathy.

·       Manual dexterity and physical endurance to lift patients and be active throughout the day. 

·       A background in treatment of individuals with neurologic involvement preferred 

If you feel this opportunity would be a good fit for you, we would like to hear from you. Please send your resume to Sophia Patel at

We look forward to meeting you! 

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