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Empowering clients through a strengths-based, family centered approach

Functional Foundations Pediatric Services emphasizes clients' active participation in meaningful, functional tasks. 


We strongly believe that each child has strengths and interests that can be identified and built upon to allow them to reach their highest level of active participation in daily life. 

To maximize positive outcomes with long lasting effects, we strive for  discovering and releasing inner strength, active participation, intentional movements, and finding simple ways to maximize practice through daily routines.​

We will take the time to get to know your child and identify their strengths and the kinds of activities they enjoy.​

Treatment sessions are dynamic, responding to your child's needs in the moment.  We will work toward our goals by building on your child's strengths and interests to ensure that they are actively participating and having fun!​

We work to expand your child's freedom of exploration, expression, and autonomy thorough a team approach. 

There is a high emphasis on caregiver involvement to ensure that you have strategies that you can carry over into daily routines to enhance therapeutic outcomes outside the clinic. 


What Our Services Look Like:


At FFPT, we put a high emphasis on working in a collaborative manner to ensure that each child receives a well-rounded service and parents get a cohesive message from all professionals working with their child. 


All evaluations include necessary members of  a team of professionals needed to support your Childs unique needs. Our evaluations focus upon gathering the information needed to ensure:

  1. that the program is right for the child and for you

  2. That we are identifying how the child is currently participating in their day to day lives and how we can help enhance their participation

  3. That their equipment (wheelchairs, standers, bath-aids, braces etc) and ensure that you and your child have all the tools needed to ensure optimal participation in daily tasks.

  4. That we get an idea of the kinds of activities the child enjoys so that they can have an easy transition into our program once their services begin. 

  5. That we are developing a plan of care that both meets the needs of your child while addressing the areas of improvement parents/caregivers would like us to focus upon for the child. 

  6. That we are able to justify our services to insurance providers to ensure that we limit out of pocket costs for families.


Treatment will be recommended at a frequency that would be beneficial for each child. This is often 1 to 3 sessions per week. If the child would benefit from attending an intensive physical therapy program, this program will be discussed with you at the time of the evaluation.


Treatment sessions are 60-120 minutes long depending on your Childs needs.  During each appointment all Therapist on your child's team will work collaboratively to help enhance the child’s skills and work toward the identified goals.


Each plan of care is developed for a 3 week to 6 month period.  In order to realize the benefits of this program, we expect commitment to attending sessions as recommended during the treatment period. At the end of the plan of care each child will be reevaluated and recommendations will be made to either continue sessions, take a break, or discharge based on the child's progress, ongoing needs, ability to attend sessions regularly, and any other factors that may impact their progress.



Functional Foundations Peditric Therapy is located in the Tamarack Building in South Eugene. Our space is a wheelchair accessible space designed to allow children of all ages and abilities to feel welcome and comfortable.

We work collaboratively in a an open concept space. Our clinic currently includes:

-a fully accessible indoor gym which includes all the necessary equipment needed to ensure our clientele's success.

- a kitchen/dining area that will allow our clientele to practice participation in meal prep and feeding activities

- a fully accessible toileting/shower area for practice of those skills as needed

Over the next year we plan on adding on: 

- a fully accessible outdoor space with an edible garden to allow opportunities for children with complex needs to participate in outdoor experiences.

- a swim spa to allow therapists to work with patients in aquatic therapies as needed as part of their overall plan of care. 

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