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Sophia, is a patient, intuitive person. My daughter just loves and gets excited to see her. She really enjoys physical therapy or in her words "play". So when a child considers hard work play, that means  a lot to me as a parent. Also to see my child put what she learns into practice that is truly heartwarming and quite emotional for me to see in just a few sessions. Eugene has needed someone like her. 

- Tamara

I’ve known Sophia from our time working for Early Childhood CARES the past few years in Eugene.  She is “hands down” the most talented & highly trained physical therapist that I’ve known in my 30 yrs as a pediatric physical therapist.   Sophia especially excels in manual treatment of children & adults with cerebral palsy or other  neurological disorders, and she thrives in creating a variety of strategies that truly improve a person’s daily function. With the start of her new pediatric therapy clinic, we’re sad to lose her as a direct colleague and resource at EC CARES.  I’m also extremely excited that Eugene still has access to a dynamic & effective therapist for kids with neurological difficulties!

— Jodi Oakerson, MS PT
Early Childhood CARES

 We are so thankful for Sophia! My daughter has seen many physical therapists and by far, Sophia is one of the absolute best. To watch the progress my daughter has made since becoming a client of hers, has been amazing. She makes all the work they do together fun, which in return, makes my daughter not only happier about the work, but excited to be doing the work as well. She always finds new ways to keep therapy fun and interesting and new ways to incorporate therapy/excersices into your every day life without it seeming like "work". You know when you meet Sophia, that this is her passion. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Sophia has become an integral part of not only my daughter's team of specialists, but our family as well. 



As a mom and dad to a special needs child, our biggest fear was the limits that could be placed on our child, however when we were introduced to Sophia we knew that wouldn't be the case. As we grew to know Sophia and watched her work with Jayce we decided that she was his built in forever friend and thankfully ours too. Sophia has been the biggest blessing to our family. We are so fortunate to have her invest so much time into our child."

- Hannah and Daniel

"There are no words other than exceptional. We've worked with a few physical therapists in the area. Her approach has been well received from my son (no crying) and the results from just a few days of therapy have surpassed results from months of therapy with other providers."


"Sophia Patel has a true gift. She’s given my daughter the opportunity to learn new ways and set goals to become the best she can be. She sees beyond the challenges and is able to see capabilities on so many levels. Her patience is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. She’s given us hope and shown me ways with my daughter when I had no idea what to do next. We’re forever grateful for her expertise, passion, and hard work! Thank you for being on our team and making a difference on our journey!"


"Sophia is amazing. Right away she was able to find the spark in my daughter and bring her to a place of learning. My daughter is now excited at what her body can do and motivated to learn how to do it! Sophia has the ability to see where her clients can grow and the skills to get them there. We are so grateful to work with her."


"Sophia infuses her therapy with joy: the joy of movement, the joy of physical autonomy, and the joy of connecting with the world through the body. Swinging, running, walking, rolling, sitting up, looking around, feeling their bodies in motion....These are experiences our kids need to grow, and Sophia Patel knows how to give the gift of movement to the children she helps. She understands that our kids are struggling to tell us what they need with bodies that can't always convey their thoughts, and she is helping them to unlock their bodies' potential"

Susan Desmond, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist and proud mother of Red, age 16 years old.

Functional Foundations has provided us a life changing service. Sophia is warm and exciting. We loved that she dove right in with Gavin, who loves bumping and swinging around. Including Gavin, we all fell in love Sophia and the open, welcoming environment. Sophia answered questions I had forgotten I even had because they had gone unanswered for so long. The care she puts into her work is amazing and she loves all the kids so much. A great addition to team Gavin and we can't wait to keep coming back. 


We were initially referred to Functional Foundations as an opportunity for our daughter to participate in a more intensive level of PT than she had previously. When we walked through the door for our very social 8-year-old’s initial assessment, we were greeted by a smiling, animated, engaging Sophia Patel. What we witnessed that day was pure magic - not only was our daughter excited to participate in her physical therapy, she was also completely captivated by Sophia’s wit and silliness. In the many months since, we have grown to appreciate Sophia even more. She has a brilliant mind, big bold ideas, an unwavering dedication to our family and has formed an extraordinary bond with our daughter. She is quick to share her knowledge and helps us apply what we learn in very functional ways. We are so grateful for Functional Foundations and look forward to what the future holds for this practice.

- Marcus and Chenoah Konyn

This is the most innovative pediatric therapy provider in Eugene. We have worked with Sophia, the owner, for a few years now and couldn’t be more impressed with her approach dedication to children. She thinks outside the box and truly makes physical therapy a whole family experience. Our son has benefited greatly from his work with her. She has given us hope for his future. Thank you Sophia!

Jessica Danniele

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