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What Does a Telehealth Physical Therapy Visit Look Like?


  • The first visit will involve PT getting background information from parent/caregiver

regarding your child and his/ her needs

  • The PT will watch your child perform a variety of tasks. She will ask you to position your child in different ways to allow her to see what your child is able to do.

  • Together we will discuss areas of focus for subsequent visits and set goals

  • The PT will guide you through the process and teach you strategies that you can easily implement. 

  • We will determine frequency of visits based on your comfort level and on the needs of your child. 

  • At the beginning of each session we will review what you have been working on

  • We will discuss if you have been able to easily implement the strategies and how your child is responding

  • PT will watch as you work on the target skill with your child

  • Based on your feedback and PT's observations, recommendations will be made on how to tweak your handling to enhance outcomes for your child

  • Once the target skill has been mastered, we will move on to working on a new skill,  building upon previously learned strategies. 

  • Each session is a true collaboration between the parent/caregiver and the therapist. 

                          Initial Visit


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