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This is the first time he pulled himself up to #standing! So proud of him!

#Breaking it down:

First he had to learn about his arms. Increase awareness and strength. We did this through weight bearing activities, helping him reach for items and wrap his hand around them, and rubbing his hands on the rough carpet, giving him deep pressure input, and giving him hand over hand assistance when needed.

Next he had to learn to lean forward instead of push back to come to stand. We worked on strengthening activities that incorporated forward weight shift; activating his oblique and transverse abdominal muscles; teaching him where his legs are and how to use them as a base of support.

He had to be motivated to stand up. We explored different things he might like to reach and used them as motivators to get him too sand.

After lots of practice, strength building, and working on changing his motor plan for getting up he just reached out for the rung and pulled himself up to standing!

Only two weeks prior to this he could needed maxim assistance to get to standing because of his tendency to push back. It has been 5 days since this picture was taken and he is still getting up to standing if there is a support in front on him. Now we just have to work on getting some stability to stay standing.

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