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Can't Wait to See What Happens Next !

Two weeks into this and I feel full, blessed, and excited. My heart is full of love for all these hard-working little ones who come to therapy willing to try. My mind is full of new ideas about how we can tweak things to make therapy sessions even more fun and more productive. I am blessed to have taken this chance of opening a clinic because now I have already gotten to witness such wonderful things and it has only been two weeks! I am excited to see what all our children will be doing in the next few weeks. And finally, I am excited to meet new friends and share in their journeys.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have had to start slow and I know it will take some time before people are feeling comfortable coming out. Just a reminder that FFPT also offers telehealth options if you would like to sign up for sessions but are not ready to come to the clinic. We still have openings available for this service block.

You can read more about FFPT’s treatment philosophy on our website

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