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Sophia Patel, DPT, PCS
Program Founder and Executive Director


Sophia earned a Master of Physical Therapy degree from Missouri State University and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of South Florida.

With over 20 years experience as a Physical Therapist, she developed a passion for working with children with complex needs, and their families.  

She earned her pediatric specialist certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) and her NDT certification from the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (NDTA). 

Her passion for gaining knowledge and providing the best care she can has resulted in studying many different therapeutic approaches and combining her knowledge to best fit the unique needs of every child she treats.

Sophia has received formal training in:

  • Neuro-developmental Treatment Approach (NDT)

  • aquatic therapy

  • John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach (MFR) 

  • proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)

  • manual therapy techniques

  • play-based therapy

  • trauma-informed care

  • Total Motion Release (TMR)

  • Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI)

  • Mary Massery breathing course

  • family-centered care

  • and more......

My Story

As a teenager in Malawi, I volunteered at a charity organization that provided rehabilitation services for people with special needs. This is where I discovered my passion for this work. 

As a therapist, I work with patients and their families to identify and achieve a common goal. My driving force is to increase functional independence, and to bring joy and fun into people's lives by helping them build upon their strengths in the most targeted, comprehensive, and effective way. 

As I have made Eugene my home,  I have grown to love the beauty of this state and the people in Oregon.  

While working for a community-based program that serves the pediatric population, I saw that there are limited physical therapy options for people with developmental disabilities and complex medical needs and there is often a fragmented approach to therapeutic intervention for this population   

I took a leap and established Functional Foundations Pediatric Therapy specifically to meet the needs of children with complex needs. I never imagined the response from the community that has lead to our fast growth. I continue to strive to develop a team of Therapists who are willing to work in a collaborative manner as we work toward providing the best care we can for each child/family that walks through our doors. 

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