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Providing Collaborative, Wrap-around Habilitative Services For Children with Complex Physical and Medical Limitations. 

We provide targeted, playful treatment sessions that allow our patients to feel comfortable in their bodies. 


"Sophia infuses her therapy with joy: the joy of movement, the joy of physical autonomy, and the joy of connecting with the world through the body. Swinging, running, walking, rolling, sitting up, looking around, feeling their bodies in motion....These are experiences our kids need to grow, and Sophia Patel knows how to give the gift of movement to the children she helps. She understands that our kids are struggling to tell us what they need with bodies that can't always convey their thoughts, and she is helping them to unlock their bodies' potential"

Susan Desmond, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist and proud mother of Red, age 16 years old.



Functional Foundations is  developing a community for children with complex physical and medical limitations and their families by expanding opportunities for enjoyment of simple childhood pleasures while providing quality, collaborative therapeutic intervention. We take a “strengths based”, functional approach to therapy that optimizes neuroplasticity and leads to long lasting changes that will help each child reach their highest potential.


Childhood is a joyful time for most typical children and their families. A time of carefree exploration through play, for children, and a time of awe as parents watch their children learn new skills almost magically. There are endless opportunities throughout society for typical children to socialize with peers. Families have built in support systems through interactions with their social circles. However, these opportunities are extremely limited for children with physical limitations and their families due to the need for skilled handling to help them interact with their environment. 


Functional Foundations is working toward fulfilling the following objectives: 

  1. Provide a space where socialization and skilled handling  co-exist in order to optimize development and carry-over of new skills.

  2. Provide the required specialized equipment and adapted spaces and toys to meet the needs of the children we serve while also providing opportunities for meaningful therapeutic intervention and play and optimizing their ability to learn and function within our society.

  3. Provide opportunities for the families we serve to connect with each other in order to share all the unique joys and challenges that are part of raising a child with complex physical and medical needs.

  4. Provide access to well-trained support staff to help them meet the unique needs of their children.


To create solutions and opportunities that exist for typically developing peers whilst taking into account the unique needs of children with complex physical needs.

 We are creating an environment where therapy is effective and functional while simultaneously providing natural opportunities for socialization for children and their families.


Functional Foundations  priority is to provide effective and collaborative habilitative therapy services at a frequency of visits that is optimal for children with complex medical and physical needs. 


We are developing a team of like-minded providers and support staff who are passionate about serving children with complex physical and medical needs in an effective and collaborative manner.


We strive to collaborate with team members so that each patient who attends services at Functional Foundations will get the combined expertise of all providers within the clinic. 


We will partner with parents/caregivers of each child and help them feel comfortable and supported as they accept an “it takes a village” mentality to providing the necessary tools needed to successfully raise a child with complex needs. Each family attending services at Functional Foundations should feel excited to be here and find a community of providers, support staff, and other parents with whom they can freely discuss their hopes and future plans for their children with special needs. 


As our facility grows, we are developing a practice that has a community center feel, with a fully accessible indoor/outdoor space, highly motivated and trained clinicians, and empowered children and families, who feel supported and comfortable while also actively participating in every session. 

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