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Childhood is typically a time of joy and carefree exploration, a period when children eagerly acquire new skills and enjoy interactions with peers. However, for children grappling with motor and medical limitations skilled support is required to help them engage with their environment. We’re here to provide the guidance they need to navigate and fully engage with their world.


We are dedicated to crafting tailored solutions for children facing complex motor and medical limitations, fostering opportunities for explorations, learning, and community engagement. Our interventions prioritize functionality, innovation, and the cultivation of each child’s strengths, promoting both individual growth and community cohesion


Our focus on community underscores the importance of socialization and expert support in nurturing the development of the children we serve. Through specialized equipment, adapted spaces, and interactive toys, we facilitate meaningful interactions and therapeutic interventions, fostering seamless integration into society. Building connections with families sharing similar experiences creates a supportive network, combating isolation and providing essential emotional reinforcement. Access to skilled clinicians and support staff ensures tailored care, addressing each child's individual needs with precision and dedication.

It is community involvement and support that helps us to make these services possible. We can’t do it without you!



Functional Foundations Pediatric Therapy is in the process of transitioning to Functional Foundations Pediatric Services, a charitable organization with the sole purpose of supporting the habilitative needs of the children and families we serve. We have attained our state registration under the Charitable Trust and Cooperation act and have submitted all necessary documentations for Federal registration as a 501c3. Our status as a 501c3 nonprofit is pending.



"I thought when our two daughters began physical therapy at Functional Foundations we would be working on Sitting, standing, balance etc Little did I know that I would be joining a community. A community of other parents and caregivers that walk a similar path. A community of children who are so happy to see each other at therapy and who motivate each other and cheer each other on. A community that shares resources and ideas and struggles and challenges. A community that presumes competence.!!

My girls both come from really hard places, extreme abuse and neglect.

They have learned to trust their therapists here! They have gained tremendous skills and are learning HOW... how to be in control if their own bodies.... How to connect their brains and their bodies ....

In order to do this, they have had to unlearn some skills, and relearn how to use their body correctly... a very difficult thing for anyone to do, but they are doing it and are both so very proud of themselves..

And I am so very thankful!"


~Lauren Horton

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